Before and After: Adding Art Work

before and after bette's housePainting of Siwash Rock,  by Graham Smith.

To fully articulate a space beyond colour, finishes and furnishings, there are two key framed compositional elements that come into play; Windows and Art.

Of these, one is the window into your surrounding landscape, carefully edited to accentuate or conceal its strengths and weakness.  The other, your art selection is a window into your tastes and even your inner self.  Few interior choices say more about the inhabitant than their art collection.  As such, the ‘painting to match the couch’ phenomenon is to be strongly avoided.  Naturally, what qualifies as art extends to include sculpture, textile pieces, glass and ceramic artwork, prints and fine crafts.

Artwork provides an unequaled opportunity to create interiors with a unique and personal feel. Art chosen for a space dramatically affects the overall mood and ambiance and can ‘make or break’ the impression you are trying to create.  There’s are many talented artists in almost every community, pleased to find appreciative buyers. So, purchasing original artwork is always an option, even with a limited budget.  In addition, buying locally will often add a contextual regional flavor to your composition giving it a grounded and authentic presence.

And please….don’t dismiss the decoration of a space as insignificant to the overall design.  Indeed it is often this “layer,” that is most impactful and remembered.  Done properly the décor is an extension of the overall design and should integrate seamlessly with the massing, layout and materials of the base building.