Sunday Shopping: Walrus Design

Growing up, my family had a Punjabi expression for those days of leisurely wandering and shopping.  We called it ‘mutter gush’.  These days I have not had a lot of time for mutter gushing but today was different. I am taking an on-line blogging course called ‘Blogging Your Way’ and my homework assignment was to visit a shop, take pictures and talk to the staff.

There was no question in my mind which shop I wanted to visit.  Graham and I discovered Walrus Design after seeing a movie at the Park Theatre, on Cambie Street, a few months ago. This contemporary lifestyle boutique, with its modern aesthetic, has become a favourite of ours because it showcases beautiful, unique items that are NOT in every design store in Vancouver. Most of the items are handcrafted and made by local designers and artisans. Every few months Walrus has an opening and showcases a local artist.  The next one is on November 10th if you are interested.

Caroline Boquist and Daniel Kozlowski own Walrus Design.  These two are extremely nice, knowledgeable, they have exquisite taste and an outstanding eye for detail. But don’t take my word for it have a look below.  Or, better yet, go experience Walrus Design for yourself and tell them Tina sent you!